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Pulse Oximetry and Capnography

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Precision Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurement

Accurately measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels provides critical feedback regarding patient health status, promoting early intervention techniques to reduce complications for patients at risk. Featuring easy to integrate components with exceptional pulse oximetry performance and full-featured capnography technology producing crisp waveform display and trend data, our selection of innovative pulse oximetry and capnography monitoring solutions provide consistent measurements and accurate data so providers can focus on patient care.

First Nation Group's extensive portfolio of monitors and sensors provides clinicians with reliable solutions for spot checks, six-minute walk tests (6MWT), overnight saturation studies, and continued SpO2 and etCO2 monitoring. This vital, real-time information, provides clinicians with the tools necessary to treat patients effectively, resulting in favorable outcomes. To view our full line of Pulse Oximetry and Capnography products and accessories, please visit the Pulse Oximetry and Capnography section in our product catalog or follow the link below.

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