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The new 2-2-1-6 Protocol: Making CPAP resupply simple, efficient and customizable for you!

When it comes to staying ahead, we’re behind you 100%. First Nation Group is the leading distributor of sleep therapy products and supplies to the VA, providing the largest on-hand inventory and same-day shipping. Our extensive CPAP supply offerings include multi-brand masks, tubing and filters, making it easy for us to customize your orders.

The new 2-2-1-6 Protocol includes two (2) hoses, two (2) masks, one (1) water chamber and six (6) filters simplifying your process, making it more cost efficient for the VA and providing a healthier outcome for your veterans.

Kit Contents

Kit contents

Hoses ___ Hoses
Masks ___ Masks
Water Chambers ___ Water Chambers
Filters ___ Filters
Custom and Cost Efficient

Custom & cost efficient

All resupply kits are customizable based on product preference, and less costly in support of VA efficiency protocol.
Better for Them

Better for them

Resupply helps veterans maintain better health and quality of life with new, clean supplies and keeps them compliant on therapy too.
Easy for You

Easy for you

Single order resupply means less paperwork, reduction of calls, trackable direct-to-veteran shipping and less cost to the VA.

We understand your needs may be different, and we’re here to make the process easy for you. Let First Nation Group be your solution for streamlining CPAP resupply so that you can quickly, easily and automatically, customize your order today!

Recommend PAP Supply Replacement Schedule

Mask 90 days
Headgear 6 months
Tubing 90 days
Humidifier Tub 6 months
Disposable Filter 30 days
Non-disposable Filter 6 months
CPAP or Bilevel Device 5 years

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