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The first step to effectively treat a sleep condition is to accurately diagnose a sleep disorder. We provide complete sleep diagnostic packages to support assessment, testing and therapy needs. Our diagnostic offerings not only support clinical care but are designed to improve lab efficiency and testing accuracy.

The importance of timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders is crucial in preventing the development of other medical conditions. We have innovative technologies that allow for complete patient evaluation either in-lab or at home. With several diagnostic options to choose from you can select the product that provides the level of analysis data you require for the setting in which the testing is taking place. A full range of configurations are available supporting up to 32 EEG channels with a range of 3 to 68 total monitored channels.

In addition to a complete portfolio of sleep diagnostic products, we also carry a full line of support supplies such as sensors, pressure transducers, and cannulas that meet AASM accreditation standards. To view the listing of available diagnostic products and testing supplies please visit the Sleep Diagnostic section of our Product Catalog or follow the link below.

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