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We are the leading distributor of sleep therapy products and supplies to the VA, providing the largest on-hand inventory and same-day shipping. Partnering with industry leading manufacturers enables us to offer a full line of positive airway pressure devices that have the capability of treating all levels of sleep disorder complexities.

Our extensive CPAP supply offerings include multi-brand masks, tubing, and filters to name just a few. We understand the importance of timely supply replacement as it relates to compliance, infection control, and patient comfort and have the distribution infrastructure in place to support supply shipments of all sizes. Whether we are shipping supplies to an individual or to a facility for stock inventory, you and your patient can count on receiving items quickly and in great condition.

In addition, we offer advanced products and accessories supporting patient travel, compliance monitoring, as well as positional and alternative sleep therapy. For a detailed listing of sleep therapy products please visit the Sleep Therapy section in our product catalog or follow the link below.

Recommended PAP Supply Replacement Schedule

Mask 90 days
Headgear 6 months
Tubing 90 days
Humidifier Tub 6 months
Disposable Filter 30 days
Non-disposable Filter 6 months
CPAP or Bilevel Device 5 years

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